Appraisal process

The appraisal and listing approach is something that Lan prides himself on. Lan’s appraisal approach is a unique one in which he believes agents must be able to listen to potential vendors needs and wants whilst gently giving them helpful suggestions which will maximise the sale price. Any decisions that are made before or during the sale process are discussed and made together. For sale process to be successful and for both parties to be happy, decisions need to be clear and made together.

Something which Lan feels gives him a competitive edge in the market place is his ability to listen to feedback both positive and negative, this enables continued personal growth and success.

Appraisal Steps

  • Initial appointment made to view home
  • Lan comes to view the property, this allows the appraisal price to be accurate
  • After viewing the property Lan will compile comparable home data and prepare the listing kit. The Our City listing kits feature a company overview, handy selling hints, comparable sales, marketing structures and price, the appraisal and commission structure.
  • Once the listing kit is prepared Lan holds the Listing presentation. At this meeting the appraisal price is given to the potential vendors and a commission structure is proposed. If needed Lan will offer some helpful hints to prepare the house for sale to assist in achieving a premium sale price.
  • After the Listing presentation Lan is available to answer any questions potential vendors may have to assist in the decision of choosing an agent.
  • After the agreed amount of time has past Lan will phone the potential vendors to ask how the decision process is going. At this point if successful arrangements will be made to move forward with the listing of the property.

Helpful suggestions once the decision to sell has been made before an agent has been chosen

  • Order a contract of sale –  Contracts of sale are a legal requirement  to market a home and can often take 2 weeks to be prepared. Ordering the contract in advance is best to avoid any hold ups going to market.
  • Have a building and pest inspection done – The majority of purchasers will have a building and pest inspection carried out once there offer is successful. My recommendation is spend the $500 upfront and have it ready for them, the benefits are it identifies any potential issues giving you a chance to fix them before a price is agreed upon stopping further negotiation and it speeds up the exchange period.